Meet the next generation of endurance fuel.

This isn't just another sports drink. It's a cutting-edge energy mix that is backed by science to increase your performance. Welcome to the future of endurance fuel.

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We have successfully increased the amount of carbohydrates of those found in a traditional sports mix, as well as included sodium and electrolytes alongside hydration. It is also gut-friendly, can be used as a complete single-source solution and staves off bonking with consistent energy intake.

Super-high concentrations of carbohydrates

Thanks to advancements in sports fuel science, we have increased the amount of carbohydrates that the body can absorb within our mix. Compared to traditional mixes, this means increased amounts of energy - absorbed more quickly.

The four components of endurance fuelling in one mix

We have created the one-stop-shop of endurance fuelling. Our mix includes the four critical components:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Sodium
  • Electrolytes
  • Hydration

Lowering the risk of gastrointestinal distress

With a founder who suffers with IBS, creating a high-carb mix that can be tolerated by all our bodies was a top priority. Ingredients are natural and with no unnecessary rogue chemicals included, creating a mix that is gut-friendly.

Complete single-source or complimentary nutrition

Upsurge includes everything you need to fuel for the entirety of your endurance or ultra-endurance activities. It is an energy-dense fuel source that athletes find can be easier to face and consume than solid foods. Use it exclusively or alongside other food sources.

Consistent energy levels without the bonking

Repeatedly grabbing solid foods and other energy sources can be a real pain, often resulting in irregular energy levels. Upsurge is a fast & easy solution where small, regular sips stave off bonking, protects the gut, and keeps hydration, sodium and electrolyte levels in check.

Two versions available to you

We have two versions of our mix available. Choose from our original formulation and a caffeinated version of the mix.