Traditional sports drinks are limited by the maximum amount of carbohydrate the body can absorb. Thanks to advancements in sports fuel science, we have been able to develop a cutting-edge sports mix that increases the amount of carbohydrates that the body can absorb and therefore the muscles can use. This is achieved by using multiple transportable carbohydrates.

As well as the increased carbohydrate, Upsurge includes sodium and electrolytes alongside hydration; to complete the four components of sports fuelling. Our mix is also gut-friendly, can be used as a complete single-source solution (or alongside others sources) and staves off bonking with consistent energy intake.

When all these elements are brought together it creates a one-stop-shop of endurance fuelling to increase your endurance performance and decrease your GI issues.

Absolutely not. Whilst there is a lot of hype around hydrogels, experts now claim that recent research is finding it to not actually be effective.

The short answer: to increase your performance and decrease your GI issues. Our mix has been designed to allow you to absorb the maximum amount of carbohydrates whilst remaining gut-friendly.

Upsurge's caffeine version can be used in moderation to compliment our regular mix. Research has shown that caffeine can significantly improve high-intensity and endurance performance. This includes improvements such as lower times, times to exhaustion being increased and greater distances being able to be travelled. It has also been shown that it can enhance vigilance during bouts of extended exhaustive exercise, as well as periods of sustained sleep deprivation. It has also been shown to produce a decreased RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion).

Whilst we are unable to make any specific medical claims, what we can say is that the founder of Upsurge suffers from IBS! Creating a high-carb mix that can be tolerated by all our bodies was a top priority. Ingredients are natural and with no unnecessary rogue chemicals included, creating a mix that is gut-friendly. This should give all customers (whether an IBS sufferer or not) confidence that Upsurge has been seriously developed to lower the risk of gastrointestinal distress.

Yes, our products are vegan.

Absolutely. Upsurge includes everything you need to fuel for the entirety of your endurance or ultra-endurance activities. It is an energy-dense fuel source that athletes find can be easier to face and consume than solid foods. Upsurge is complete single-source or complimentary nutrition and you can use it exclusively or alongside other food sources.

Also, another benefit of exclusively using the Upsurge mix is that we you avoid other troublesome types of carbohydrates – found in solid foods - that are not digested and absorbed properly which can result in GI issues.

We have successfully avoided the issue of flavour fatigue by creating a mix with a clean and mild taste, available in various light and tasty flavours.

Certainly not. We have created the one-stop-shop of endurance fuelling by combining the four critical components: carbohydrates, sodium, electrolytes and hydration. The supporting ingredients of sodium and electrolytes are by no means purely token gestures; they have been included in meaningful and effective quantities. This also results in saving money, as you no longer need to purchase those salt and electrolyte tablets. Plus, it is so much easier only having to deal with a single solution.

Repeatedly grabbing solid foods and other energy sources can be a real pain, often resulting in irregular energy levels. Upsurge is a fast & easy solution where small, regular sips stave off bonking by providing consistent energy levels. Regularly and consistently sipping the Upsurge mix also helps to protect the gut by ensuring the stomach is not emptying of carbohydrates, resulting in the gut lining becoming compromised.

Another benefit of our drink-based solution is that with other nutritional options we can end up taking on big hits of fuel that our guts have to work through all at once. This is not a good scenario as our gut is already challenged with what we are putting it through – because it is slowing down and not working to the best of its abilities. Consistently sipping Upsurge combats this problem.

Also, in terms of performance, when consuming carbohydrate, it is very important to be taking in a proportionate amount of fluid. By consuming carbohydrates separately from taking on fluid it can be problematic because we might not be taking on enough fluid, resulting in the carbohydrate not emptying from the gut, thereby likely causing GI issues. Sodium and electrolytes intake should be balanced with a fluid intake plan too.

The objective is to undertake small frequent carbohydrate intake, and by regularly sipping Upsurge we can stay ahead of the curve with consistent energy, sodium, electrolytes and hydration levels.

No. It quickly dissolves with a little shake and cleans off with a quick rinse.

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