About Us

Who are Upsurge?

We are YOU!

At Upsurge, we’re about being a community of like-minded people coming together to support each other. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of teamwork, and that individuals are stronger when working together.

Wearing or using Upsurge is a chance for you to know you’re a part of something more than the clothes on your back or the product in your bag. You’re a valued and key part of a supportive community.

The Meaning of Upsurge

Literally speaking; Upsurge (noun) means: an upward surge in the strength or quantity of something; an increase. But we’re about more than just the simple meaning of the word itself. We're about gaining the strength to aim higher, through supporting each other's goals and dreams.

The Upsurge Mission

The community, the hopes and dreams of every active person, supporting you, however we can to help you realise you can get there. Whether it’s through sharing your story, cheering your corner, or a virtual hug when things don’t go to plan. We’re a whole wonderful team of people who can show you you’re not on your own, whilst also cheering extra loud for every achievement, whatever it might be.